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Meet Cherie, Founder & Passionate Home Baker

The best part of home baking has always been the pure enjoyment of cultivating my skills to make one (or several) deliciously baked treats. There's something undeniable about the uniqueness and creativity of home-baked goods that makes them have such an impact for our special times or events.

I love the process of trying new flavours and recipes — the journey of taking raw ingredients and transforming them into a delicious creation that can be shared! I find joy being in the kitchen and baking treats to share with the people in my life.

How it all began..

Having spent hours investigating where Perth's hidden bakers were located so I could organise an amazing birthday cake, I knew how hectic it could be! I spent a lot of time listing all the fantastic home-made bakers I knew about to share them with friends and family. The idea suddenly hit me that this would be so much easier in an online format, and besides, even I was a home baker wanting to get into selling online.

From there, Home Baked was born.