How it Works

The HomeBaked

From product browsing to customisation of orders, payment to delivery, HomeBaked is designed to support you every step of the way. HomeBaked bakers are at the heart of our community. You’ll be connected to an amazing local network of buyers who care about your skill and quality, wanting to order direct from you.

Nation Wide

You’ll get full access to all our features, which you can use to run your own business or side income without big overheads! HomeBaked lets you target your customers and liaise to produce specific outcomes privately and securely. You can even manage all payment details, including additional costs for sizes, flavours and topping options.

Online ordering & delivery

HomeBaked App gives you the platform you need to receive orders, payment and organise delivery at the touch of a button. With our integrated private messaging you can communicate direct with customers. You’ll receive an order request when a product is ordered, and confirm their request and delivery or pickup date all from the App. Payments are secure and transferred to your bank account without the fuss. You’ll also benefit from an Orders dashboard to check order and payment history!