What is HomeBaked?

HomeBaked is a peer to peer baking app made to bring communities closer together by the love of baking and making beautiful delicious things. The idea behind HomeBaked is to empower home bakers with a platform that takes some of the hard work of invoicing, booking, receipting and receiving payment off of their plate, so they can focus on the parts they enjoy instead.


What defines a baker?

If you are a baker wanting to offer your skills or showcase your products, and want to offer the community your expertise or unique products, you can earn money by sharing it with all HomeBaked users. Your availability and costs are also entirely up to you and can be toggled on and off at the touch of a button whenever and wherever you are, your baking enterprise in your pocket.

Frequent questions

What mobile platforms does the HomeBaked App support?

Currently HomeBaked is made for iOS but Android will follow shortly and we’re even throwing balls of dough at our developer monkeys as we speak about cooking up a desktop app for both Mac and Windows.

Who can become a merchant baker?

It’s easy to become an HomeBaked baker, and it’s always free to create a product listing! You can offer your baking skills for birthdays, weddings, offer an assortment of muffins or tray of custom-made cookies, all of which are just a few of the offerings bakers have listed on HomeBaked. For more details on what’s expected of bakers, check out our user guidelines and policies, which revolve around safety, security, reliability, and procedural standards, which help bakers earn a great following of happy buyers!

What are the requirements of bakers before selling products?

We ask everyone who uses HomeBaked App for a few pieces of information before they start perusing our listings. Bakers need to have this info completely filled out before they can confirm an order request. This info helps make sure bakers know how the process works and what’s required of them prior to accepting orders online. Our requirements for bakers include your full name, email address, confirmed phone number, introductory message, agreement to our HomeBaked rules and guidelines, and payment information.

Can I have an account as a baker and a buyer at the same time?

Yes you can! If you would like to sell products via the app, simply select Add Product in your user profile. If you only want to purchase products, simply sign up to begin browsing offerings. You can buy and sell products at the same time without having to adjust any user settings. How convenient is that!

How much does it cost to list my products?

Signing up for HomeBaked and listing your products is completely free. Once you receive an order request, we charge a HomeBaked service fee of only 7% per transaction to help cover our internal costs to provide a PCI compliant, safe and secure experience for all.

How should I choose my product's price?

The price you charge for your product, and your delivery fee, is completely up to you. To help you decide, we recommend you search for comparable product listings within the same category, and within your local area, to get an idea of market prices. Your delivery fee is a flat fee that you can set in your user Settings section of the HomeBaked App.

Can I temporarily stop selling my products?

There’s no minimum or mandatory time you have to be available to accept orders, so you can block off dates when you’re not available via our Blackout Dates selector in your user Settings. This feature allows users to view your products and profile without being able to book during your set blockout dates. You can change your status instantly by switching your availability on and off.

Can I change my product's pricing after it goes live?

Yes you can! If you change your mind of a product’s base price, or its size, flavour or topping prices, you can change these by selecting your product and updating your prices at any time. This also allows you to set special prices for seasons, weekends, and any other times where you want to adjust what you charge. You can also change your Delivery Fee at any time in your Settings.

How do I withdraw funds once I've sold products?

You can transfer funds deposited to your HomeBaked account from sale proceeds at any time. HomeBaked App provides fund transfer via PayPal and direct deposit, with a 1-3 business day turnaround. You will receive the total amount of each product sale minus our service fee of $2.95 per product sale, which we use to fund the running of the business.